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More than, 12 civilians were killed, and also 40 or above are injured in Azerbaijan's second-biggest city Ganja on Saturday which came under a missile assault from the Armenian military, claimed Baku. 

"Civilians are kept on being spared from the debris eradication by exigency service," Hikmet Hajiyev, colleague to the Azerbaijani president, said on Twitter. 

"Tricky and pitiless missile assault of Armenia against citizens in Ganja is an indication of shortcoming and distress of Armenia's political-military authority even with its annihilation on the landmark," Hajiyev stated, denouncing Armenia for purposely focusing on Azerbaijan's regular people. 

"Two children are among the dead. Crisis issues are as yet going on. Armenia's fear and War Crimes proceed," Hajiyev said prior to Twitter. "Armenia's unfamiliar service in wretched way endeavors to reject its state obligation for this loathsome atrocities," he said. 

He said that starter reports brought up to the decimation of upwards of 20 houses because of the rocket assault. 

Turkey criticizes Armenian attack 

Censuring Armenia's assault, Turkey's decision party representative repeated help for Azerbaijan. 

"Armenia is slaughtering regular people as a rebel state. It is doing ruthless slaughters. The killers and their allies are violating the law. Assaults against Ganja are violations against humankind," Omer Celik said on Twitter. 

He said that the aggressors must not go unpunished and Armenia ought to be arraigned for wrongdoings. The authority included that Armenia was executing ladies, youngsters, old and regular folks 'aimlessly'. 

For what reason are Armenia and Azerbaijan battling? 

Two ex-Soviet republics in the Caucasus, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, are occupied with a decades-in length regional contest which has re-emitted with the heaviest conflicts in years on Sunday. 

Here are the key elements encompassing their contention: 

Nagorny Karabakh 

At the core of the stalemate among Yerevan and Baku is the challenged Nagorny Karabakh district. 

The Soviet specialists consolidated the dominatingly ethnic Armenian region with Azerbaijan in 1921. 

After the 1991 breakdown of the Soviet Union, Armenian separatists held onto it in a move upheld by Yerevan. 

The following war left 30,000 dead and constrained many thousands from their homes. 

In spite of a truce interceded in 1994 by Russia, the United States, and France, harmony exchanges battle to push ahead and battling ejects oftentimes. 

The most recent conflicts on Sunday saw Azerbaijan and Armenian separatists blame each other for touching off the battling that left the two sides with setbacks, including regular people. 

It followed an erupt along the fringe in July which killed 17 warriors from the two sides. 

In April 2016, approximately 110 individuals were executed in the most genuine battling in years. 

Uprising and authority 

Armenia has been shaken by political and monetary insecurity since it gained freedom from the USSR. 

The nation's post-Soviet initiative stifled resistance to its standard, was blamed for misrepresenting voting form results and was generally obliged to the interests of Russia. 

In the spring of 2018, mass road fights brought current Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to control. He has since taken action against debasement and presented famous legal changes. 

Azerbaijan, on the Caspian Sea, has been under the dictator grasp of a solitary family since 1993. 

Heydar Aliyev, a previous official of the Soviet security benefits, the KGB, managed the nation with an iron clench hand until October 2003. He gave overcapacity to his child, Ilham, weeks before his demise. 

Like his dad, Ilham has subdued all resistance to his standard and in 2017 made his significant other, Mehriban, the nation's first VP. 

Russia and Turkey 

Turkey, with the desire to be a territorial powerbroker in the Caucasus, has tossed its weight behind oil-rich and Turkic-speaking Azerbaijan. 

Their union is fuelled by a shared doubt of Armenia, and Ankara regularly issues emphatic explanations on the side of Baku's aspirations to recover Nagorny Karabakh. 

Yerevan harbors aggression towards Turkey over the slaughters of some 1.5 million Armenians by Turkey under the Ottoman Empire during World War I. 

In excess of 30 nations have perceived the killings as decimation, however, Ankara furiously debates the term. 

Russia, which keeps up close binds with Armenia, is the significant powerbroker in the locale. It drives the Collective Security Treaty Organization military coalition of ex-Soviet nations that incorporates Armenia. 

Yerevan depends on Russian help and military assurances since its guard financial plan is eclipsed by Azerbaijan's spending on arms. 

Oil and diaspora 

Azerbaijan has newly started utilizing oil incomes as a major aspect of an offer to redesign its picture in the West. 

Baku has put resources into enormous sponsorship bargains incorporating with the Euro 2020 football title, which was deferred on account of the Covid pandemic. 

Baku was because of host coordinates this year and Azerbaijan has held Formula 1 Grand Prix races since 2016. 

Azerbaijan has additionally attempted to pitch itself to European nations as an elective energy provider to Russia. 

A TV star Kim Kardashian, the late songster Charles Aznavour, and pop star and entertainer Cher all follow their foundations to Armenia. 

Some have selected themselves, informal representatives, as Kardashian has been straightforward on the issue of the Armenian massacre.