Donald Trump biggest driver of Covid-19 misinformation

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump has been the world's greatest driver of Covid-19 deception during the pandemic, an examination from Cornell University said Thursday. A group from the Cornell Alliance for Science assessed 38 million articles distributed by English-language, conventional media worldwide between January 1 and May 26 of this current year. 

The information base they utilized totals inclusion from nations, for example, the United States, Britain, India, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and other African and Asian countries. They distinguished 522,472 news stories that repeated or enhanced deception identified with the COVID pandemic, or what the World Health Organization has called the "infodemic." 

These were arranged into 11 fundamental sub-points, extending from fear inspired notions to assaults on top researcher Anthony Fauci to the possibility that the infection is a bioweapon released by China. In any case, the most famous theme by a wide margin was what the investigation writers named "wonder fixes," which showed up in 295,351 articles - more than the other 10 points joined.