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 Millions and tons of garbage are dumped every day, worldwide, either in landfills; to be reused over time, or directly at sea. Too much waste collected by the oceans is detrimental to marine life, in fact, due to ‘sea pollution’ and other human activities; various habitats are at risk of natural disaster, with coral reefs and precious marine life on the verge of extinction.

Although some countries have made efforts to save the oceans to save the seas from a catastrophic disaster, these efforts have been severely restricted especially in developed countries, with developing countries still dumping waste at sea. However, the new concept of waste energy generation has given a glimmer of hope, as discarded waste can be used to generate electricity in an underdeveloped country, which is already facing a shortage of electricity.

Currently, there are 15 wind power plants operating in Finland, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam, and two power stations are in line, soon to be set up in two Philippines and Cape Town, South Africa, all under Zharbiz international.