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 WASHINGTON: Flags over the U.S. Capitol were lowered for half a Friday after a police officer's death took five people dead after supporters of President Donald Trump attacked the legislature.

U.S. Capitol Police spokesman Brian Sicknick was reportedly hit in the head with a fire extinguisher on Wednesday during a fight with protesters surrounding Congress halls.

The 42-year-old member of Congress has returned to his office in a section where he collapsed and was taken to hospital, according to Capitol Police.

He died of his injuries on Thursday, they said.

According to reports, the FBI will open a murder investigation into his death.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ordered flags flown over the Capitol in defiance of his honor.

Four others, all involved in protests in support of Trump's unsubstantiated claim that he won the November 3 election, also died on Wednesday.

Veteran Air Force veteran Ashli ​​Babbitt, 35, a senior supporter of the President of San Diego, California, was shot dead by a Capitol police officer inside a Capitol building on Wednesday.

Trump's flag threatened him, he was in front of a mob trying to knock on the inside door when a police officer on the other side fired a single shot that hit him.

Three others died on the Capitol premises, police said, "in an emergency."