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 The Ministry of Defense of the Indian and Pakistani Armed Forces has agreed to stop firing on the Line of Control (LoC), the Indian Army said on Thursday. The military is "always ready to reduce threats," the official said.

When asked if India had agreed to end the war with Pakistan because of the situation on the Chinese border, the Military official said, "The situation on the northern border does not affect our decision of the Western Corridor. Indian troops are always ready to face all operational challenges.

"The concern of the Director-General of the Pakistani Armed Forces has been to improve the proximity of the Line of Control and the safety of people living near the LOC," Indian Army officials said.

"We have a history of traumatic experiences with Pakistan. Peace processes in the past have been disrupted, whether by the actions of terrorists or the fighting of Pakistani soldiers. We live by this fact and are always ready to face any fate.

When asked about India's actions in the event of a terrorist attack, the official said, "Our actions over the past few days have clearly shown that we are committed. We have the right to respond."

The Director-General of Military Operations in both countries has agreed to stop fighting "for the sake of peace and security."

An agreement was reached between DGMOs in India and Pakistan who held talks on Thursday. "Both sides reviewed the situation in the Line of Control and all other sectors freely and friendly.''