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 China has given the United States the opportunity to be seen as India's largest trading partner by 2020 again. This is in addition to the growing anti-China sentiment in India amid months of conflict between two neighboring countries on the Ladakh border near the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

According to the Bloomberg news agency, China has regained its status as India's leading trading partner as New Delhi continues to rely on imported equipment. A major government effort has been launched to curb trade relations with China, following the Galway Valley blood feud.

Last year, bilingual trade between these neighboring countries stood at $ 77.7 billion, according to interim data from the trade department. Although the value of two-way trade in 2020 is lower than last year's $ 85.5 billion, a Bloomberg report said it was enough to make China a major trading partner in India.

It can be noted that China had already emerged as India's largest trading partner in the first half of the 2020-21 financial year, surpassing the US holding the position from 2018-19.

China replaces US US Last calendar year as India's largest trading partner. Trade between India and the US was at $ 75.9 billion as Covid-19's restrictions affected trade between the two countries.

Meanwhile, the UAE continues to remain the third largest partner in India.

The central government has taken a strong stand on trade issues with China following the Galway Valley conflict that resulted in the deaths of several Indian soldiers. The government has banned hundreds of Chinese mobile applications, including some popular ones such as TikTok. Other trades and investment decisions have also been taken to reduce Chinese participation.

However, India's high reliance on China's heavy machinery, telecommunications equipment, and other products seems to have a bearing on government plans.

It can be noted that at $ 58.7 billion, Indian imports from China were more than a joint purchase from the US and the UAE together. In terms of exports, too, India's exports to China have grown by 11 percent annually to $ 19 billion by 2020.

The new information comes at a time when trade unions such as the Confederation of All India Trader have been campaigning against China's assets, promising to boycott almost 3,000 items.