The Iranian government's recent decision aimed at curtailing the powers and rights of officials of the International Atomic Energy Agency is particularly serious. Tehran reduced access to these officials and barred them from conducting snap tests.

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Tehran wants Washington to first lift all the crippling sanctions imposed on the country that have turned the lives of millions into a living hell without adversely affecting the country's economy. The sanctions have also caused great hardship to millions of Iranian people, and the country proves that Washington has done very little to alleviate the suffering of the people.

After the 2000s, the US and international sanctions were largely focused on trying to persuade Iran to agree to limit its nuclear program. However, the sanctions were multifaceted and sought to address many threats from Iran at the same time. "But many critics believe that the sanctions did not achieve their goals. Iran's influence is much greater in the region than in the 1980s. The sanctions imposed after the Iranian revolution in 1979 and later sparked outrage between Iran and the West and Iran accusing the United States of kidnapping billions of dollars from the republic.

The sanctions imposed by the Trump Administration have adversely affected various sectors of Iranian society and in particular, have caused serious damage to health. According to Human Rights Watch, economic sanctions, despite their liberation, are causing unnecessary suffering to Iranian citizens suffering from various ailments and medical conditions. “Some of the most affected are Iranian people with rare diseases and/or conditions that require special treatment who are unable to access medicines or items that were previously available.

Biden's election sparked a glimmer of hope, prompting many in Iran to conclude that their plight would now end. However, a recount of American officials changing this may be a dream come true. It is true that the Biden Administration has not provided much help so far and only relies on promises. This is probably because of the facts of the world. There may still be those who work hard within the American administration who may not want to be free from the Islamic Republic accused of bankruptcy by groups heading to America and its rivals.

But the Iranian regime's decision to reduce the power of the world's atomic observers is also unfortunate. It has removed the controversy in various circles. Many fear that it will only add to the plight of the Iranian people who have nothing to do with the decisions taken by the country's leadership. The decision has disappointed those who want to alleviate the plight of the Iranian people and at the same time led to the liberation of hardworking people sitting in the corridors of Tel Aviv. The anti-Iranian elements in the Middle East should also rejoice in this decision, in the hope that it will lead to an escalation of conflicts that could ultimately benefit them.

Israel and other provinces and states in the Middle East will now be able to spread the idea that the Tehran state is not ready to respect international institutions. Without the right to seize the test, officials from the UN nuclear watchdog would not be able to confirm whether Iran was developing nuclear weapons or not and whether its nuclear program was for peaceful purposes or not.

The Western media will seize the opportunity and may come up with fictional allegations of alleged breaches of Iran's agreement. Such propaganda could change the public perception of Iran, forcing Joe Biden to revise his policy of returning to the nuclear deal. Iran's position will also create problems for Germany and other European countries that have kept some sympathy with the theocratic government. Their trade interests are also a factor but Thran should keep in mind that many European countries tend to support Washington. Some were offended when Iraq invaded Iraq but in time tried to avoid angering the powerful regime.

The Iranian leadership must show political ingenuity, set aside their difficult situation, and consider the millions of people who have suffered the most as a result of the sanctions. The country has been given a lot of smart officials and politically wise government officials. At times, they have even been able to view their Western counterparts with great patience. Such tolerance, in fact, saved the Islamic Republic from meeting the fate of Iraq. The resilience of Iran and Iran and the pragmatism of its non-clergy leadership have helped Iran in the past and could help the republic as well.

It is important that Tehran should not believe that a strong stand will force the West and the US to pour favor on the Islamic Republic. There will certainly be resentment from some hard-working USmen. Other factors will continue to mislead Biden's administration. But Iran has already carried the assassination of its scientists during or after the Trump administration and will have to face additional difficulties. Such tolerance will help China, Russia, the EU, and all other stakeholders who want to resolve the Iran nuclear issue and sanctions peacefully.

The IAEA has repeatedly confirmed in the past that Iran's nuclear program does not appear to be aimed at developing technologies for non-peaceful purposes. The EU and other Iranian supporters also believe in such assurances. Therefore, the Iranian leadership should ignore all these other annoyances. Its long-suffering has led the international community to come to Iran's nuclear deal and its wisdom will now force them to lift sanctions.