What's the name? Much, A lot, if it's close to Corona.

The 38-year-old father from the UK said his name had become a joke and the beginning of a conversation among people since the advent of the novel coronavirus.

He said he had to take proof of ubiquitous identification to prove the name was accurate.

Jimmy Korona, a construction worker from Stoke-on-Trent, had to carry his identity document even if he attended his son's birth as doctors refused to believe his surname, according to a Mirror UK report.

Such is the tragedy behind his surname, which is the spelling of the virus that has invaded every corner of our planet.

The 38-year-old said people often thought he was pulling the trigger whenever he told them his name. Since the advent of COVID-19, there have been cases in which Jimmy has been ridiculed by bar staff and delivery companies who refuse to take him seriously.

"No one can believe my name is Korona and the coronavirus epidemic is about. People under the canteen come in and say they don't believe my name is Korona. quoted by the Mirror.

"So I show them my bank card or passport to prove that my name is, and it has always been my name. It sounds strange to hear my name everywhere. It sounds strange to hear your name mentioned so many times," he added.

At work, orders signed by Jimmy are often not taken seriously as service drivers find it difficult to believe Korona's surname. Fortunately, no one has yet refused to be delivered.

Jimmy claimed to be the grandson of Josef Korona, who had survived a concentration camp in Germany during World War II.