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 Volkswagen and BMW's plans to participate in the fast-growing electric car market and the challenge Tesla can pass on to dialing their cheaper stocks.

The international deadline for carbon offsets by 2050 has led to increasing adoption of zero-emission vehicles and Tesla has been at the forefront of this change, selling long-range electric vehicles (BEVs).

Despite the recent setback, its stock rose 650% last year, aided by a successor to CEO Elon Musk.

But it is no longer the only power play in the city.

Volkswagen, the German company that competed with Toyota to be the world's largest car retailer, set a plan to convert 70 percent of European sales to its VW power company in the middle of its "day" last Monday.

The program, run for months, has helped inspire Tesla-Esque's meeting on 83-year-old company shares. Elon Musk's style to cry as the company's market value drops to 100 billion euros. ($ 119 billion) earlier this month.

The stock is now 52% high each year, taking its market value to 143 billion euros.

"As the VW chief executive really presses the message to BEVs on all channels (mainstream media, investors as well as Twitter and LinkedIn) we believe that private investors are following the story and can be more powerful on their own,"

German rival BMW said it had targeted half of its sales to non-fossil fuel by 2030, and that nearly 90% of its market segments would be fully operational by 2023.


"No one knows today who will be successful in the global electric car market, but despite the huge balance of players, in the stock market there are unprecedented inequalities between first and first-year students,"

Recently UBS forecast Volkswagen will match Tesla's release in 2025 and raise the price of the company's shares by 50% to 300 euros - which is the main target for the 28 stock analysts. The stock is currently valued at 223 euros.

Price comparisons are also supportive.

With 160 times leading the way, Tesla is the most expensive stock in the automotive sector, while Volkswagen and BMW still sell about three to 10 times as much.

"European car manufacturers, in terms of size and balance sheet, are ready to restructure electricity and have strong distribution platforms,".

In addition, Volkswagen is also considering listing Porsche AG's luxury car arm to help raise investment in software and electric vehicles, according to a source.


Despite its recent gains, Volkswagen's market value is still only 40 miles from Tesla, and several analysts see another source of profit for the German company and the rest of the European automotive industry.

"Forsaken by all, especially investors, the German automotive industry, after consuming a lot of dust and falling into a state of disrepair, understands that the electrical adhesion must be complete," Fugnoli said.

As well as raising German car stocks, the electric drive helps to expand the wider European commercial markets, which have long underperformed those in the United States.

The German DAX has been setting high levels of record-breaking in March.

With European stocks still weakening, some investors think that could change soon. BofA's weekly flow data for March 10-17 have shown fund managers to withdraw billions of dollars in Europe while pumping a record of $ 53 billion in US currency.

Still, few think European indicators will attract the volatile purchases seen by U.S. tech stocks. Nasdaq in recent years.

"In Europe, it will always be a problem for stocks for a while, we will not look at Euro50 this year as a technical indicator,"

"But these things could change quickly - see how fast VW has risen in the market."