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 While economic data in the coming weeks is on the mild side, the markets have plenty to consider. BOC and ECB are also working in the coming week.

On macro:

It is a quiet week ahead on the economic calendar, focusing on 42 figures for the week ending March 12. The week before, 70 figures were concentrated.


There is a quiet week ahead.

Inflation figures for Wednesday and February are pending, along with consumer sentiment figures on Friday.

However, JLT’s job startup and weekly unemployment claims will also attract attention on Thursday.

Expect performance from numbers, in recent weeks with market sensitivity to inflation.

The Dow Jones Spot Index rose 1.22% to close at 91.985 during the week.


On the economic data front, it is a week ahead.

German industrial production figures on Monday are ahead of fourth-quarter GDP numbers for the eurozone on Tuesday.

Excluding other GDP figures, Germany's industrial production figures are expected to have a greater impact.

On Tuesday, German trade data will also draw attention, with markets focusing on demand.

In the second half of the week, industrial production figures for the eurozone are pending.

Final inflation figures for Germany and Spain are also pending but will likely have a limited effect.

On the monetary policy front, the ECB monetary policy decision and a press conference on Thursday will be the main event.

The press conference is expected to be key, with the market pushing for a possible shift in policy arising from the reflection. Lagarde will need to reassure markets that there will be no change in policy.

The EUR is down 1.33% over the weekend. Closed at 1.1915.


There is a relatively quiet week ahead on the economic calendar.

In the first part of the week, the February retail sales figures are due on Tuesday. Since the markets did little else to consider, BRC numbers will have an impact.

Markets will then have to wait for GDP, manufacturing, and industrial production figures on Friday for further direction.

The pound will also have a muted effect as trade data remains.

The pound fell 0.66% over the week to end at 1.3841.


A quiet week is ahead on the economic calendar.

Friday's February employment figures and January's wholesale sales figures are outstanding.

February employment change figures will be the main driver of the day.

On the monetary policy front, the Bank of Canada is also in action on Wednesday.

Markets expect BOC to be the main focus of the press conference, with BOC expected to be stand-alone. Once again, inflation will be a hot topic ...

Looney is a U.S. citizen. The dollar ended the week down 0.62% at C$1.2659.

Outward Asia

Aussie Dollar:

It's been a quiet week.

Business and consumer confidence figures for February and March are due on Tuesday and Wednesday.

While business investments are also the key to achieving economic recovery, expect the most impact on consumer sentiment statistics.

The USDollar weekend fell 0.26% to $0.7686.


Next is another quiet week.

Electronic card retail sales figures are due on Wednesday ahead of the business PMI number on Friday.

Markets will influence both data sets, not even a little more to consider.

KiwiDollar ended the week down 0.91% to 0.7167.

Japanese Yen:

It’s another quiet week ahead.

2nd estimated GDP numbers for the fourth quarter are due on Tuesday.

Excluding a significant improvement from the 1st estimate, the statistics should have a limited effect on market risk sentiment.

Over the weekend, the BSI Large Production Conditions Index numbers will draw interest in the first quarter.

Markets will look for product conditions for improvement in the 1st quarter.

The stock fell 1.63% to close at 108.31 during the week against the dollar.

Outside of China

There is a busy week ahead. Over the weekend, trade data for February is pending and will set.

Expect interest in numbers following some disappointing private sector PMIs.

Weak statistics and we can see that the Chinese economic recovery is starting to hit the recovery markets.

Wednesday's February inflation figures will also draw attention.

As the National People’s Congress continues from last Friday, the Chinese government’s turmoil will also affect market risk sentiment.

Chinese Yuan Weekend U.S. The dollar fell 0.36% to CNY6.4970.


U.S. Politics

Iran and the Middle East will be the main focus areas, especially after last week's report on the Khashoggi killings.

For Biden and the Democrats, this could be the first test. U.S. Crash in - Saudi relations will raise questions on stability in the region.

While Iran will be the main focus of the nuclear deal, the U.S. - China relations will also be a major focal point for the markets.