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 If you are using your sister's Netflix account - listen.

Broadcast giant is exploring a new feature that can help us reduce password sharing. Netflix (NFLX) issues an alert asking users to verify that they are authorized to watch the account so they can continue watching.

"This trial is designed to help ensure that people using Netflix accounts are allowed to do so," a Netflix spokesman said in a statement. The company's terms of service state that the accounts "may not be shared with people outside your home."

When a user selects their profile in a shared Netflix account, a pop-up will ask them to verify the account by text verification or by email sent to the account holder. Users can also choose to confirm later, in which case, a pop-up will reappear at a later time. If they can't verify that they are an authorized user, viewers will be told to set up a new account.

Pre-panic: The new feature is just a trial, and it extends beyond the limited number of users watching the Netflix TV app.

The revival comes as Netflix views have risen sharply during the epidemic. It reached 200 million users last month, and its stock has increased by almost 50% since last March. But the company could face the challenge of maintaining that momentum as people spend less time clinging to home during 2021.

Netflix and other streaming platforms have been dealing with how to manage password-sharing - and whether you should bother trying to block it at all - for years. In a 2019 profit call, Netflix's product chief said the company was focused on protecting password-sharing but was still looking for ways to use it.