It has been almost a year since the stock market became one of its biggest problems in history. Who can honestly say that they have not felt the shock of losing a third of their wealth?

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If you think another smash is coming, you are right. The stock market has improved 38 times since 1950. Here are five reasons to stop worrying.

Do you want to invest when others are in a hurry?

If you had invested $ 10,000 in the S&P 500 index on March 23, 2020, when the index reached the bottom of the rock, you could have over $ 17,500 today. Of course, you should not rely on being able to predict how much stocks will fall. But the point is, stock market crashes can be a great opportunity if you are ready.

Instead of worrying about the market crash, make a list of stocks you should buy during the next crash. They still have shares that meet your investment concept and that you may want to own even if the market hasn’t started. But if they meet those conditions, the next crash is a cheap shopping opportunity.

If you do not sell, the loss will be short-term.

An easy way to avoid losing money in a smash: Don't sell during a crash. If you are able to give your investment time to repay, the loss you have experienced will disappear significantly. Of course, some insubstantial companies will not survive the bear market. But instead of worrying about the next crash, take the time to give your portfolio a test and sell anything you don’t want to carry in the long run.

A bad day usually means the best days to come.

If the market goes down, the odds are high that some good days are about to come. Between Jan. 3, 2000, and April 19, 2020, the seven best days of the stock market occur within two weeks of the worst days. The five best days happen within a week of the worst days.

Many experts predicted last spring that the stock market could take years to recoup its losses. In fact, the S&P 500 index took just 126 days to recover after its release on March 23. The best day in the 2020 stock market was March 24, when the S&P 500 rose 9.38%. The Dow Jones Industrial Average posted its biggest profit since 1933 that day again. That is not to say that all recovery will be so quick. But crashing does not mean that your investment will be in the trash for years to come.

You can still make money from those stocks.

Even if the share price hits hard, your return will not be bad or zero. Investing in stocks can help you make profits, even in the event of a crash. payback has never been confirmed, of course. But the Dividend Kings have increased their payback for 50 years or more in a row. Separated Aristocrats have a record of at least 25 years of rising ranks. Investing in companies that have a long history of increasing their payments each year - even if the decline is long - can buy you peace of mind.

The market has been gaining traction in the end.

History tells us why you shouldn’t lose sleep due to the stock market crash: Your chances of profit from investing in the S&P 500 are 73% in any given year. Over five years, your issues are 87%. Over a decade, the odds are 94%. And the return of the S&P 500 over a 20-year holding period has always been positive.

Restoration does not always happen as fast as you would like. But just as you can rely on the stock market to crash, you can rely on it to recover.