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 The stock market began to rebound about a year ago, as government stimulus money and other aid increased. During that time, an interesting investment subplot has emerged - the rise of “SPAC” as a way to get new companies, especially gluttony technology startups. , Fast market.

Exclusive purchase acquisition companies have been around for decades, but their recent rise has been spectacular, raising eyebrows at the recent two investor warnings from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The list includes last year's largest SPAC, Pursing Square Tintin, and Arizona-based new electric vehicle manufacturers - Lucid Motors and Nicola Corp. Became a pro-football quarterback social worker, including rapper J-Z and Colin Kaepernick. Spec focuses on the cannabis business and social-worker consumer company, respectively.

The traditional way private companies raise money in a share company is through an initial public offering or IPO. Specks offer a faster and potentially more controllable means of doing so, which explains partly explains their rise to prominence.

Where is my third stimulus check?

In the year 2020, 288 SPACs raised $ 3 billion, which, according to Spec Insider, increased from 9.9 billion in 2015 to 20 deals just five years ago. From October to December last year, special purchasing acquisitions companies surpassed traditional IPOs on a first-quarter basis, the timing of both measures, and the pace so far has been very fast in 2021.

S.P.A.C. There are core-check or shell companies, flush with cash, those lucrative private corporations to merge with.

The process begins when SPAC raises money from investors in its own IPO. "Black check" means that the sponsor has no business operations and has some assets in the IPO other than cash.

“If you are a SPAC at the IPO stage. If you invest in SPAC. Rely on the management team that forms the S.E.C. The Invest Fees in Investor Education and Advocacy told investors in a December warning.

The management team can identify a specific industry to target, but there is no obligation to go there. In contrast, more traditional IPOs occur when a company with operations and assets - and sometimes decades of history - raise money by selling shares directly in the stock market.

S.P.A.C. For target companies tempted by, the three main benefits cited by Sekra include greater certainty of knowing how much money they will bring, a process that is often faster than an IPO, and the ability to disclose certain financial estimates and other information that are not normal. t approved with traditional IPO.

The help of sponsors is also important. “They really rely on that management team and skills,” said Adam Olsen, a national quality leader at Embark, an accounting and financial advisor in Phoenix.

In some cases, SPAC officers participate in management duties in a joint company. They also often get some board seats.

Aren't Czech companies risky?

S.P.A.C. One can identify the specific industry that he intends to do business with and is led by experienced officers in the field, but these are not requirements. So yes, a blank-check nature would add an extra element of uncertainty or risk.

After the SPAC team targets the private company, the two sides begin negotiations. If the deal is approved, the business mix results. Deals are often made as a reverse merger in which the operating company SPAC. Join in

Prior to that, S.P.A.C. No IPO. The amount accrued is parked in a trust or escrow-type account, which is kept in low-risk financial instruments. “They basically hold on to cash until they get to the target,”.

If the deal is done, SPAC said, "SPAC essentially changes from a trust account to an operating company." SPAC shareholders who do not like the combination can redeem their shares before becoming an investor in a new, joint venture.

Similarly, if the SPAC. If the management team cannot complete the transaction within the allotted period - usually two years - investors are entitled to a return of their share of the money invested in the trust account.

What should investors look for?

Like other public companies, S.P.A.C. Will issue prospectus or general disclosure document, along with periodic reports. The agency's EDGAR database can be viewed at

Prospective investors should examine the business objective, purposeful strategy, the background of the management team, and the financial incentives they get, which is often very convenient. “There’s often a ton of side lattice for founders who don’t buy anything further,” Olsen said.

The SEC warned in another warning this month that "any reputable sponsors or those who invest in them" should not be allowed to enter the SPAC. It is never a good idea to invest in. "

If the sponsoring team must also raise additional capital to complete the merger, it can do so through private investment in PPP or public investment - a type of transaction that could make the deal thinner or worse for existing shareholders, Sekara noted.

The SEC warns that as more SPACs pursue a limited number of sustainable targets, "it is important to consider whether attractive start-up business combinations will become rare," the SEC warned.

Sekara added that sponsors paid less for their shares compared to other investors, so "they have an incentive to ink the deal before the two-year clock runs out." "They could end up in a bid fight."

What is the price of SPAC shares?

Investors buying SPAC Securities should understand what they are getting. They usually receive a "unit" that initially includes both a common share and a warrant.

"A warrant rent is an agreement that gives the holder the right to purchase a certain number of additional shares of common stock from the company in the future,".

The stocks that are often issued have slightly higher prices.

After the IPO, the shares and warrants of SPAC can be separated and traded separately.

Terms and shares will specify the number of shares that can be purchased with rent, applicable price, and expiration date. The warrant can usually be converted into ordinary shares after a little appreciation of the latter.

Are the specs right for me?

Whether to invest in specs depends on your sophistication, willingness to do research deals, attractive offers furry, cess, and ability to sustain losses. "Investing in SPAC is riskier than investing in traditional public equity."

You get SPX on the ground floor through the IPO process. There aren't many opportunities to invest in, although you can buy in the open market later.

Spec IPO units are mostly allocated to large dollar hedge funds, Sekera noted. "Due to the widespread of the new issue SPAC, which has greatly increased audience distribution, the allocation of IPOs will be limited to investors in institutions."

However, it is important to know what the specs are, especially if they are shown as more mutual funds and other mainstream investments you have.