ISLAMABAD: Weekly inflation for the combined group for the period ended March 25 has risen slightly by 0.61 percent after rising essential food prices, figures released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) on Friday showed.

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 Weekly inflation was observed after the second consecutive week's decline. Since January, a sharp rise in the price of essential kitchen items was noted despite government claims that consumer goods prices were declining.

PBS calculates the Sensitive Price Index (SPI) based on the prices of 51 key items from 50 markets in 17 cities across the country.

For the lowest wage-earning less than Rs17,732 per month, SPI increased by 0.52pc. In the group collection of more than Rs44,175, SPI recorded an increase of 0.61pc.

This is due to rising food prices including tomatoes 20.04pc, 8.81pc chicken, 1.64pc bread, 1.55pc bananas, and 1.01pc bag of wheat flour.

Items that have been priced during the week include garlic, which recorded a drop of 8.12pc, onions 2.27pc, potatoes 1.98pc, pulse moong (0.54pc), rice basmati break (0.28pc), and our 0.20pc.

Among non-food items, the price of LPG dropped by 0.66pc.