During a recent YouTube interview, a highly respected crypto expert highlighted indicators of key indicators, including many indicators pointing to price positivity for Bitcoin.

Referring to data on Bitcoin's NVT ratio, Woo said, "There is more activity on the network among investors than valuation," which shows blockchain network activity in relation to market capitalization.

Woo added, "We haven't seen any kind of mania. "We threw down a level that was very organic - not a speculative premium." “The peak of 2017, for example, was us

I think that is 8.8% higher than the organic assessment. "

As a result, U.S. Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, in a recent interview with Bloomberg Television, biased on what cryptocurrency might be in the future, despite the volatility in its price, maybe more in digital gold, although "their importance in the global economy is declining." Is

“Gold has long been a major asset of that kind,” Summers said, adding that cryptocurrencies have the potential to become a form of consent for those seeking security. My guess is that crypto is here to stay, and maybe some kind of digital gold is here to stay. "

Current data show that most recent sales were made by investors buying Bitcoin assets in the last few months, indicating that long-term investors are still bullish on digital assets.

Still, a significant number of crypto experts have revealed that this may not be a good time to invest in the crypto market, given the high price swing with a valuation price at the moment, and investors should be prepared to lose all their funds.

Luis de Gindoz, vice-president of the European Central Bank, added confidence that cryptocurrencies should not be seen as "real investments" because their value is difficult to understand.

However, some market pundits believe that buying a dip in view of Thursday’s sudden rally is not a bad idea.

Lark Davis spoke on the current amount of fixed coins so far in crypto history at crypto exchanges, meaning investors were ready to pump and plunge the market.

That said, investors need to be aware that the crypto market is not a viable safe long-term investment option given the high volatility and risk factor.

Although investors with a high appetite for risk and a significant amount of disposable income to play with, it is worth considering that its returns are usually higher than traditional financial investments, but investors should also be prepared to come back frequently. Extremely high price swing.

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