California will no longer need social distance and will allow full capacity for industries when the state reopens on June 15, a top state health official said Friday.

Secretary of Health and Human Services of California, Dr. “We are in a place with this epidemic where the needs of the past are no longer necessary for the near future,” said Mark Gully.

He said a dramatic reduction in virus cases and increased vaccinations meant it was safe for the state to remove almost all restrictions next month. He said about 3.55 million vaccine doses have been given in the state of about one million people, and more than three-quarters of residents over the age of 65 have received at least one dose.

"Vaccines are widely available, and we're proud of where we are."

"Something very important happens in California on June 15," he said when the state finalizes its color-coded four-tier system that restricts activities based on the prevalence of the virus in each county.

He said that at one point in the security plan, "the limits of how many people can be inside the industry, which has been a" sign ", will disappear. No.

He said it would not mean an accidental end to wearing a mask, but it would mean that the state would adjust its guidelines in line with national guidelines.

Officials have already announced this week that they are working with the U.S. for a new mask guideline on disease control and prevention. The centers will have to wait until mid-June to comply, which says it is safe for fully vaccinated people to leave facial inks and social distance in virtually all situations. Federal guidelines state that everyone should still wear masks in crowded indoor locations such as airplanes, buses, hospitals, and prisons.

California employee regulators are developing safety rules separately, which will continue to apply to employers.

The state will still require vaccine testing or negative test results within 72 hours for indoor events with more than 5,000 attendees. But Galileo said the verification could be "by self-certification" with details obtained from health officials on how the process would work.

State officials will also recommend that organizers of outdoor events with more than 10,000 people, in attendance, be required to provide verification that they have tested negative for coronavirus. Those who cannot or do not provide testing should be encouraged by the organizers to wear masks, Lyali said.

He said state officials do not expect the vaccination to create or require a "passport" or other formal verification. They will advise businesses and others that need verification in a way that "does not discriminate."

With more than three weeks of lead time before the changes take effect, "our businesses, organizations, and residents will have enough time to prepare for this change," said Los Angeles County Supervisor Catherine Barger.

Gali said California also plans to comply with federal CDC guidelines for domestic and foreign travel.

This means that travel will not be disappointed except in countries where visiting is not advised. The voluntary quarantine will also be waived for those returning to California.

"We've endured the storm, and I hope this signals a return to our normal state," Barger said.

California was the first state to issue a statewide shutdown when the virus emerged in March 2020, and by early 2021 it was the nation's center for the disease. The virus has killed more than 61,000 people in California, the highest in any state. Nation.

Democrat Gov. Gavin News has said for weeks that the state generally expects to lift most business and social sanctions by June 15.

"I think our shared goal is to always open up the economy quickly by doing it safely," said DD Myers, director of business and economic development at the governor's office. Newsom is facing an election to remember this fall on a large scale by people frustrated by its sanctions during the epidemic.

"Eating and drinking restrictions, such as open bars, buffets, will all be removed," he said. People can now plan with certainty for weddings, conventions, and even large sporting events, "so that we go ahead and try to resume and accelerate economic activity was a really important goal."

In some recent days, the number of newly reported infections in California has dropped below 1,000, and currently, only 1,300 people have been hospitalized with the virus. The state’s current positivity rate is only 1%.

“We haven’t had that level of fun since the early months and weeks of the epidemic,” Galli said.

He said the lifting of sanctions would inevitably result in some increased transmissions, but the health care system should be able to control them and local authorities could impose additional limits if there is an outbreak. Health officials will continue to find out if the vaccine is starting to break down the mutations, which he said could mean the latest health measures.

“We’ll look at this very closely,” he said. But I think we’re in a statewide place where we have a significant number of vaccinated and protected people. "


This story has been modified to tell that more than 63,000,000 people have died from coronavirus in California, not nearly 63,000.